1. Baptism
    Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month at 11:00 AM. Arrangements must be made at the Rectory at least one month in advance. Baptismal Instruction for Parents and Godparents done every 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Lower Rectory Requirements Forms
  2. Marriage
    Arrangements must be made at least one year in advance, by appointment with the priest. Call the office (973) 779-0643 or email [email protected] for inquiries
  3. Anointing of the Sick
    Anointing of the Sick
    Please notify us when someone in your family is sick so that we can pray for them, Visit them and bring them the consolation of the Sacraments. For emergency, call any time — day or night.
"Many Travelers, One Journey"
From the Office of Catholic Cemeteries
Archdiocese of Newark