1. Rev. Anastacio 'Nony' Villaluz, CRM
    Rev. Anastacio 'Nony' Villaluz, CRM
  2. Rev. Shijomon Kuria, CRM
    Rev. Shijomon Kuria, CRM
    Parochial Vicar

Watch Beautiful Memories of St. Joseph Church

Video by Pete Nese, Sr.
Edited by Pete Nese, Jr.
  1. 2018 Sharing God's Blessings Annual Appeal
    This year's Appeal is a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on God's generosity and to share the blessings we have been given with those around us. The Annual Appeal provides the poor with food, shelter and clothing; makes religious education, spiritual guidance and CYO programs available for the young; insures the future leadership of the Church with seminarian education and training; and most important, brings Christ's Good News to the people of the Archdiocese. Our parish also benefits by receiving a rebate from the appeal if it exceeds its goal which we can use in our future projects. It is important for all of us participate. Please consider making a gift to the 2018 Sharing God's Blessings Annual Appeal. To learn more about the ministries of the Archdiocese of Newark, please visit, like us on facebook at Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark or tweet us at Archdiocese of Newark​.